How I prepare to bleed each month

How I prepare to bleed each month - OrganicDarlings
If you've been following me for a while, you know that for the longest time my biggest enemy was my periods. Those 4 days of bleeding could take me down and make me want to rip out my anatomy.
Not anymore though.
Ever since implementing a few small changes, I'm 100% pain-free. Part of being pain-free has helped me approach my periods with more reverence and kindness towards my body, some of which I wanted to share with you.

The week leading up to my period

Every day leading up to my period, I have about 2 tablespoons of raw beef liver (go to this Instagram Story to see how I take shots of liver) . I know that by bleeding my body will need all the iron it can get. It will also need lots of zinc, magnesium and folate.
I also take higher doses of magnesium (this is the only one I'd encourage you to take, since it's PURE magnesium and taken sublingually so it doesn't cause stomach upset). Kaleigh from Nutrition.Elements encourages you to take magnesium every 2 hours when you're in need.
I also make sure I'm eating a good amount of animal fat, red meat, eggs and raw milk products. I think of it as preparing to hibernate - gotta get chubby that week! I also avoid grains, white sugar, the most toxic greens (like kale), seed oils and anything else that will increase inflammation in my body. Keep in mind this is no different from the rest of the month, but it's certainly something I take more seriously right before my period.
This is something I only started to implement for the past year or so, but I try to go outside at night and get grounded (feet on the ground, without shoes on) every night and look at the moon. This practice has been really helping my body to ovulate with the moon, and bleed with the moon. Periods = New moon. Ovulation = Full moon.

The day my period starts

Think of me as a sloth. The day of my period I purposefully take life as slowly as I can: I make the bed slowly, I drink tea slowly, I start difficult tasks later in the day. Something about purposefully slowing myself down has helped me with period anxiety/tenseness. If you're working full time, there are a few things you could try to make the day of your period a little more peaceful and sweet: essential oils on your wrists that relax you, a soothing tea break, a walk outside, saving your breath and not having difficult conversations with co-workers, etc.
I also keep eating raw liver, and sometimes increase it for when I'm bleeding. If I'm craving chocolate I'll increase my magnesium intake (remember to use the one I mentioned - it's sublingual and therefore doesn't go through your GI tract and make you have diarrhea).
I apply a few essential oils to my lower belly: my favorites are Copaiba, Lavender, Clary Sage, Cinnamon oil. Check out these products that may help you with cramps:
If you're really suffering still with period pains, I'd suggest you reach out to Kaleigh on Instagram. She helped me tremendously with my periods. Here's a recap of our time together.

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