How I healed my period cramps in 3 months

How I healed my period cramps in 3 months - OrganicDarlings

Important note: this protocol may not be for you. This is not medical advice. 

Edit to add: it's been around 6 months and my periods are still painless. Biggest thing I've done is definitely take raw liver every day the week before my period. Try it! I've also been very careful about mentally preparing for my period every time. Our minds play a huge role in our experience of our period. Heal my darlings! 

At the age of 12 years old I bled my first menstrual blood, and have never missed a month since. Each period has been brutally painful - to the point where I missed 3-5 days of school many times through junior high and high school. Over the past 16 years I have cried, kicked and yelled for pain. I’ve taken the strongest drugs doctors could prescribe, tried taking the birth control pill (didn’t help), tried taking natural supplements (didn’t help enough) and tried changing my diet (again, didn’t make a real dent in my symptoms). Diet and supplements have been a big part of my healing journey, and they did help eliminate the joint pain I was feeling 3 years ago, but not the period pain and acne. 

So, what truly healed my period pains? A simple protocol by this lady right here: Kaleigh Mason.

If you’ve tried everything for your ailments, I would suggest you speak to her. She’s not for everyone and that’s why we love her. Her understanding of health is at a level I have yet to find elsewhere especially in someone so readily available. She will talk about numerology and other things that I'm not used to and don't practice in my walk, but her health knowledge and desire to help people is priceless! She's got a HUGE waiting list so make sure you connect with her quickly, and tell her I sent you!

The most controversial part of this protocol is not eating veggies. Wild, right? At this point you'll realize that I'm willing to do pretty much anything to feel better. 

So here’s my protocol (yours would be different!):

  • High dose magnesium (both topical and oral) every 2 hours. I’ve never felt calmer, anxiety is gone. 
      • Topical: here
      • Oral: here (search for magnesium)
  • High dose selenium (for my skin, acne, etc)
      • Best price ($3 per bottle!): here make sure you grab that bottle
  • High dose Oyster max (it has zinc, copper)
      • Get it from here, and use Kaleigh's code KM10
  • High dose Fulvic Minerals
      • Here use code DARLINGS10 for 10% off your order
  • Eat like a Thyroid body type
      • Emphasize animal foods, eat like an old rich guy. Liver, eggs, beef, chicken, caviar, salmon, etc. 
      • Avoid caffeine (I don't drink anything but water anyways)
      • Eat raw animal foods: I've been doing lots of butter
      • Eat fermented vegetables as condiments (kimchi/sauerkraut)
  • Avoid vegetables and carbs while healing
  • Collage type I & III get it here
  • Drink water with salt
  • Eat liver (if you don't like the taste go for desiccated here
  • Avoid endocrine disrupting products (check out my website, all the products are 100% organic) 

 Initial observations:

  • Eliminating greens has been incredibly healing. My gut is so happy. I have 0 bloating or pain. I can’t believe how simple that change was and how profound the effects have been. Kaleigh would say that we should avoid greens forever. Learn more about her thoughts here and on her other posts.
  • High dosing magnesium: I am so calm. My body feels much more vibrant. Cole and I have had the deepest sleeps ever since starting this high dose. We use the spray every night before bed and have truly had the best sleep ever.
  • Selenium, OysterMax, Fulvic Minerals Acid: period cramps are basically 5% of what they used to be. I was quite literally surprised by my period, and was able to fall asleep without taking any medicine. That is VERY different for me. 

Conclusion: you should definitely reach out to her for an appointment. It'll cost you around $100 and you can talk to her before and after your appointment, meaning she's readily available (although she's super busy, she's incredibly responsive! 

Painful periods are not something to ignore. They're a sign of serious imbalances that you should invest your time into. I can't believe how quickly I saw changes!

If you have any questions let me know in the comments or reach out privately

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