How embracing femininity helps men and society become stronger

How embracing femininity helps men and society become stronger - OrganicDarlings
I've felt the weight of the world on my shoulders lately as tension mounts around us politically, economically, and all the other -ically words. In some ways I'm thankful to be alive in such a time - what better way to find out what your true character is? or find out what side of history you'll be on?
One subject I've focused on a lot this year is masculinity and femininity. I'll post a few of my favorite accounts at the bottom who discuss these subjects as well. I believe that one way us like-minded, freedom-fighting people can change society is by embracing our femininity fully, and helping our men embrace their masculinity fully.
The strongest societies (and families, and communities) seem to have very clear gender roles. I'm of course not encouraging women to be weak and men to be cruel - I'm sad that's even an idea that crosses our minds. What I'm encouraging us to do is to be the strongest of women: who care for our homes, our husbands, our families, our loved ones, our children, our businesses and our time with such intention and focus that we are a bold and powerful testimony to a world that has all but spit on the traditional role of a woman in society. We women can have a great impact as we raise the next generation of freedom-fighting, God-fearing humans that will hopefully impact the world.
What I want more than anything is for our men to stand up for what is right, and true. For men to be strong and bold - all the while being supported and encouraged by strong women. I want our men to be fearless and wise and kind. I've noticed that men have been bashed senselessly over the past few decades on TV, in movies, on social media. Let us as women honor our men and help them become the leaders our families and nations need! You'll notice that in shows the women are always "smart" and "strong" whereas the men are complete buffoons. What a discouraging thing to show men day in and day out!
Now what does that look like day in and day out for us women?
A few things come to my mind. - this may look totally different to you:
To me embracing my femininity means having a lovely home. A home that is decorated, full of memories and warm lights and good food. It means feeding Cole the best food I can find, researching the best ingredients for his genes and potential future diseases. It means making sure the dogs are happy and well behaved (easier said than done with these sassy puppies!).
It also looks like having a bed that is always clean, made, filled with pillows. It means ordering the deodorant Cole likes and keeping up with dishes, laundry and sweeping.
It looks like making sure I don't look like a swamp monster when we leave the house! It means wearing jewelry he got me or a shirt he likes on me.
It means never speaking about him in a negative way when he's not around. It means praising him when I talk with my friends and family. It means never being mean to him (we've stuck by this since being married and it has been wonderful!).
It means loving his family and enjoying time with them. It means making sure my family knows just how much I appreciate my husband. It means welcoming people from church into our home and making good food!
For you it may look completely different - it may be small changes in your intimacy, your words, your home, your looks, your dreams, or so many other things.
My encouragement to you is this: embrace being lovely (not in a physical sense, although that's nice too). Embrace being strong and delicate, smart and humble, bold and kind. Embrace being lovely!
What does that look like for men?
I'd actually rather not answer this, because it would be taking on the role of teacher of men and I don't feel comfortable with that. Here are a few accounts you/your men may enjoy:
I will say that most men (and women) are bombarded with products that decrease their testosterone and make them physically weaker. I'd encourage you as the gatekeeper to your home to really search your home for these products: anything with fragrances, plastic (BPA), polyester clothing, phones or laptops by the crotch (it may not be idea to put a microwave by your family jewels!), soy, most pesticides, unfiltered water that's full of birth control pill juices (ew lol), etc. Zinc is one of the best ways to increase testosterone in men! We both take Beef liver daily to make sure we're getting enough zinc.

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