OrganicDarlings and Sun & Moo have merged!

I’ve been hinting at this for months, and I’m so excited/nervous to finally spill the metaphorical beans with you all! You all(Most of you) know that OrganicDarlings grew way bigger than I expected over the past year, and it’s just been amazing. The only problem with that growth has been that I’ve had trouble keeping up: I’ve been out of stock more often than in stock, I’ve been too slow with product shipping, and I haven’t been able to make all the new products I want to because I am only one person. 

With this merger, we put all our resources, brainpower, time and money together to create a really seamless business. I hope you’re as excited as I am about this! 


1. Why are we merging our businesses?


In short, we’ve got the same goals, dreams and values, so why not work on growing a beautiful company together? Moving forward, there will be one company: Sun & Moo. We’re both now co-owners, working together and taking over the world.


Here’s a little about our thought process:

  • With the success of both of our companies, we’ve been wonderfully overwhelmed: selling out within minutes, shipping hundreds of boxes per launch day, making thousands of jars of tallow in our small kitchens… you get the picture. We were both looking for ways to grow our business, and realized that we had the same goals and dreams for our companies. Unfortunately we realized we just couldn’t grow anymore alone. We needed help.
  • We both have the same values, product quality and sourcing:
    • Always organic
    • Always pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed and finished organic suet tallow
    • Always made in the USA

2. Who is Sun & Moo and Angelika?

You may know Angelika from her huge Instagram account @cookwithangelika. I’ve been following her for years, and always loved her content. In June of 2022 I reached out to her and asked if she wanted to try some of my tallow. She said that she was actually wanting to start her own tallow skincare company, asking if I could help guide her through the process. She started the beautiful company Sun & Moo. About 8 months later we started thinking about merging our companies, and realized it was the right choice for both of us.


3.  What’s changing for OrganicDarlings?


I know this is wild, but stay with me here:

  • The label designs are the same, but the logo is different since we’re becoming Sun & Moo)  add photo of product
  • The ingredients are the same (and we’ve got some INSANE products coming soon)
  • The prices are the same
  • The shipping will be waaaaay faster (you know I’m bad at that, so we’ve got a small family owned company taking care of that moving forward)
  • The products will be made in a professional sterile environment. You can only do so much in a home kitchen. We’ve got a small, family owned business doing this too now, and we just love them! They’ve been working with tallow for many decades.
  • We should never go out of stock again
  • Sales will be done from not