Meet Cole + Emilie

The week after we got married I developed the worse joint pain I'd ever experienced. I assumed it was just a consequence of the stress of putting on a wedding with guests from Europe + all over the US while Cole was in medical school. After a few weeks of the pain I realized instead of getting better, I was starting to be in so much pain I couldn't walk more than a few steps, I couldn't put any weight on my wrists, and certainly couldn't work out. I was so confused - how had I fallen apart so quickly? At this point Cole and I were living a pretty average Standard American Life/Diet. We ate badly to okay most of the time... although we did have a few months where we ate Taco Bell multiple times a week. In our defense, we were super poor and that was always a fun date night option!

After a few months of this madness we decided I should go see a doctor. She came to the conclusion that it was idiopathic (meaning we don't know what the cause is). She wanted to put me on anti-inflammatory medications, but thankfully Cole and I decided we'd hold off on that since I'd most likely never get off of them. 

One morning we listened to a podcast that completely changed our lives. In this podcast Dr Zach Bush and Rich Roll talked about Glyphosate, the microbiome, the gut, and tight junctions. About 1/2 of it went way over my head but the parts I did understand were so eye opening to me. It was nerdy enough for Cole to really enjoy it & want to research some more, and had enough information for me to want to change 99% of our life. That day I went home and threw out/donated most everything in our pantries, bathroom, fridge, cleaning products etc. It was ridiculously intense and expensive, but I'm glad I went through it. 

After around 3 months of eating organic, not using any weird toxins and getting lots of sunshine my joint pain was 100% gone. It was GONE! I could walk, lift weights, jump around completely pain free. Looking back I think my body was so loaded with toxins from years of bad decisions, that when we went through the stress of planning a wedding my body just stopped detoxing properly and fell apart. I have yet to experience that kind of pain again since. 

Since then we've had many stages in our healing: we've done paleo, carnivore, keto. We've used supplements without understanding them (my bad), and we've found new ways to optimize our health with every passing month. I'm actually so thankful I went through that time of physical pain because it made me realize just how interesting I find health, opened up the world of biohacking, regenerative farming, organic products, minerals, good water, and so much more. When you're a doctor's wife, people will always ask you questions about health. I love that because of my struggles and everything I've learned I can help some people figure out their issues as well - although don't worry I know when to send my friends to a doctor, or to Cole ;).

Last year we moved to North Florida on 100 acres, got chickens, and have lived our life as tiny farmers. Actually I lied, we're 100% not farmers - I just like to pretend like the 3 tomatoes we grew last summer make us farmers.

After years of research and learning so much about toxins and such, I decided I wanted to create a company where I could share non-toxic products that I love and trust. It took me years to find products that actually worked, so I wanted to make this website a place where you could find most things without any issues. If you've got questions about a product that isn't represented on my website, send me an email! I'd love to help you out.

A few of my favorite products that have been game changers (on the website and outside of the website) 

- Topical Magnesium: is insanely effective. Helps with anxiety, stress, sleep issues, PMS, etc

- Oral Magnesium: Cole and I take this daily

- OysterMax: it's the best source of Zinc and Copper. Life changing! Use KM10 for 10% off 

- Selenium: $3/bottle, insane price on Swanson. So good for skin

- Fulvic Acid: we take this daily too (use code DARLINGS10 for 10% off your order!)

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