Holistic Makeup I Love (get 15% off now!)

After years of searching I have found a makeup brand I truly can't wait to share with you all. Years ago I only used cream foundation/blush/lipstick and LOVED the way it looked on my skin. It was dewy and natural and beautiful. Sadly the ingredients in that makeup were really not great and I had to stop using it. 

Finally, my sister nudged me towards this brand called A'Del! I'm so thankful she did because the makeup is STUNNING! It is truly what I've been looking for. 



The best part? They're offering my people 15% off their orders with the code EMILIE15! 

Here are a few of my favorites: 
1. Cream Blush: here use as blush and lipstick!
2. Lipstick: here
3. Cream Foundation: here
4. Eyeshadows: here

Let me know if you order! Remember to use the code EMILIE15 for 15% off.